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Aussicht auf 2019

Im nächsten Jahr kommt Camilla Steen Larsen wieder nach Münster. Am 14.11. & 15.11.2020.

Wer Camilla schon vorher erleben möchte, dafür kommt hier mein Tipp:


True colours: Soul Motion® Workshop

with Camilla Steen Larsen 

December 7-8th, 2019

Bonn, Germany

Soul Motion®: True colours

May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within ~ John O’Donahue

Habits are long term beliefs and behaviours that have become a permanent part of our subconscious.

True colours is an invitation for you and I to look within openly and curious to discover what might have become hidden to us. It is often human nature to respond to feeling blocked by amping up our hustle mode but instead, can we enter generously into our own unease and celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention? Now is the time to free the heart, free the joy inside the self, respond to the call of your gift and the courage to follow its path. You are invited to to step into the life waiting for you to enter, to move as a sacred expression of you – your true colours. Dance all parts of yourself, dance the gap between yourself and another, dance in the grace that we – you and I – all belong.


Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that views movement creativity as an inherent expression for every body. Awaken yourself to joy, to increased pleasure in moving your body to a new uncovering of you.

No previous experience is necessary, only your curiosity and desire to move and be moved.

December 6-7th, 2019





Cost: 140€ 

For registration and more details please contact Ananda Monika Wiese: aloha.mawiese@gmail.com



Aussicht auf 2020



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save the date: Juni 2020 ist Ann Christiansen wieder in Münster ! 


Herbst 2020 14.11. & 15.11. 2020 Camilla Steen Larsen in Münster!